We design and manufacture our products to be installed in civil and military vessels as well as offshore platforms. Thus, all of them are fully prepared and certified to work in maritime conditions.

Our worldwide customer portfolio includes: Navies, Shipbuilders, Internal Communications Integrators, Ship owners, Engineering Companies, Electrical Shipbuilding Installers as well as prestigious Distributors. We have a large list of references from all types of vessels as well as offshore platforms worldwide. Thousands of vessels navigate with our systems all around the world.

We have a large experience in managing a very specialized technology, which complies with IMO/SOLAS rules as well as any type of technical requirement/certification necessary to adapt ourselves to the highest standard demanding requests (Type Approvals, MIL-STD, ATEX, etc).

Our final products are systems, thus the combination of the elements that, duly installed and connected, are able to perform the functions for which they have been designed.

We classify the elements that configure a system as follows:

Main equipments: Are the essential components that allow the configuration of the system, including those needed for their installation and connection.

Auxiliary elements: Are those which can be left aside without altering the normal performance of the system, but cooperate to optimize the operation and control of the system.


Thousands of vessels of all nationalities navigate worldwide with our systems, we understand that showing a complete list of all of them would be excessive, that is why we limit ourselves to show some of our renowned customers.

At SCM Sistemas our principal interest is fulfill our customer’s needs, contributing to the best possible solutions using the fastest and most efficient methods. Therefore, our R&D&I team is continuously updated and in a constant activity.